Manuel Giron

Multidisciplinary artist based in Zurich, Switzerland

«Manuel Giron has been writing stories full of humour and irony during his journeys, which revolve around the absurd. His short stories reflect vital dilemmas, everyday stories that the writer takes out of context with an enormous sense of humour.
The author allows himself to mix reality and fiction, to express his opinions about the world that surrounds him with total naturalness, in a unique and very personal way, establishing a game in which the author participates, his characters and the reader.
Thus, the reader is bound by the force and the tension of the narrative, which wraps him/her up with the turn of each page. Sometimes, it is added in the storyline the wrongdoing and the ambiguity, causing hilarity and surprise.
Manuel Giron flirts with fiction, amazes us with his ideas, approaches and fables, while at the same time keeps his feet firmly anchored in the reality. His short stories constitute a magnificent and pleasant surprise, a compilation of ideas with an undoubted poetic background».
Begoña Peris
United Nations, Geneva.
Multidisciplinary artist based in Zurich
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