MANUEL GIRON . マヌエル・ヒロン   . 
MULTIDISCIPLINARY ARTIST   based in Zurich Switzerland

«The photographs of Manuel Giron are visually beautiful and conceptually interesting. 
The photos are captivating because they blur the line between photography and graphic design.
The artist  reveals an unseen beauty hidden in urban scene, and his enhanced vision of these spaces»
12–16 Januar 2024
Halle 550  . Zurich-Oerlikon 

04. – 27. April 2024

Vernissage 17 Uhr

Ankengasse 4, 8001 Zürich

9. - 12. Mai  2024

Münsingen Bern Schweiz

Kreative Fotografie

Instagram @

1. -29 Februar 2024

Kühlhaus Berlin 

Luckenwalder Straße 3, 10963 Berlin Deutschland

The artist  and writer Manuel Giron is a member of the Swiss Authors Association. 
His short stories are in Spanish,  English, German,  French, and Japanese.
«Manuel Giron flirts with fiction, amazes us with his ideas, approaches, and fables. 
His short stories constitute a magnificent and pleasant surprise, a compilation of ideas with an undoubted poetic background».
Do you want to write a book?"
"Yes, I do!"
"But why? Who is going to read it?"
"I don't know who will read it. 
The most important thing is 
to bring out the story that I carry within.
Manuel Giron
Zurich Notebook . Literary project 2024

Sound textures created with sensitivity + artificial intelligence.
The strength and creative energy of artist Manuel Giron is impressive and can be appreciated in each of the ten improvisations that make up Winter Birds. 
Listening to his music is a unique experience that goes beyond imagination, as the artist starts from the unknown to create a musical space where anything is possible. Giron rejects conventional structures and melodies and is solely guided by the harmony of his emotions. This music is experimental, innovative, and very contemporary, a product of its time. Winter Birds is a musical work that showcases the originality and beauty of an artist who dares to explore new frontiers in music.

Digital Album available on Bandcamp, Spotify
Apple Music, YouTube Music,  Amazon


NFT Cosmic Sun . Manuel Giron 2023
Film Universum © Manuel Giron 2023

NFT Cosmic Circles 2  © Manuel Giron 2023 

ProLitteris, the copyright society for literature and art based in Zurich, Switzerland, represents the rights of 
Manuel Giron.
SUISA, the Cooperative Society for Music Authors and Publishers in Switzerland, represents the rights of
 Manuel Giron worldwide.
Artists Rights Society in New York represents the rights of Manuel Giron.
Member of the Association of Swiss writers AdS
CISAC, International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers represents 
the rights of Manuel Giron.

All works and images Manuel Giron 2024 © Prolitteris . All rights reserved. Please do not reproduce without the expressed written consent of Manuel Giron. 


Contact, only by e-mail:
My photographs at Kendris AG Geneva.
 Tokyo, New York and Paris. Format 120x180cm
CLIENTS: Credit Suisse – Rathaus SG – Genossenschaft Migros Luzern – Volkerkundemuseum SG, Kendris AG etc.
«The multidisciplinary artist Manuel Giron stands as a prominent figure in the contemporary art world. 
Renowned for his prolific creativity, he has made a significant impact across various artistic domains.
Giron's literary prowess shines brightly with over a dozen books to his name, published in languages ranging from Spanish, German, English, French, to Japanese. His work is currently being translated into Italian, Portuguese, Catalan, and Chinese, further expanding his global reach.
In the realm of photography, Giron has produced an impressive portfolio of 16 photography books, capturing the essence of diverse cities around the world. His extensive travels throughout Europe, Asia, and America have yielded striking images that resonate with viewers. Cities like Paris, Tokyo, London, and New York hold a special place in his heart and are recurring themes in his work. His photographs have earned widespread acclaim and are cherished additions to esteemed private collections, including those of Kendris AG, Credit Suisse, Rathaus SG, and many more.
As a musician, Giron's creative output is equally remarkable, with a repertoire of over 80 musical compositions and 5 CDs available on platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and Bandcamp.
Giron's talents extend to filmmaking, where he has successfully produced numerous works, including the highly regarded documentary "Japan between Tradition and Modernity," which earned recognition at the prestigious Sundance festival in the United States. 
Currently, he is immersed in the creation of a film that not only redefines but also offers a completely renewed perspective on the life of a rebellious and independent writer. Simultaneously, he embarks on the creation of his first novel, an emotional tribute to his literary mentor, Hermann Hesse. This literary genius not only opened the doors to imagination and writing but became the inspiring spark that ignited his own creative path. Set against the enchanting backdrop of Paris, the novel stands as an altar dedicated to creative writing, an artistic manifestation that emulates the distinctive essence found in the work of Manuel Giron.
In the realm of painting, Giron's artistry is displayed prominently in both museums and private collections. His captivating exhibitions have graced numerous locales around the globe, including an impressive five showings at the United Nations in Geneva.
Manuel Giron's multidisciplinary talents continue to captivate and inspire audiences worldwide, cementing his status as a preeminent artist of our time».
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Multidisciplinary Artist
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