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This book consolidates Manuel Giron as a very talented writer and knowledgeable of the genre, with the creative tools to move and leave us thinking with humor, sarcasm and derision; with metaphysical smiles and sorrows of life and death, with animate and inanimate actions, behaviours and intentions within the universe around us; trapping and freeing us according to those environments and our minds.

Dr Mario S. de León

University, Leeds, UK

Magical Realism

The following story was told to me by an American woman who volunteered at an orphanage for street children in Medellin, Colombia for a couple of years. According to her version of the events, after arriving she discovered that there were not only street children in the orphanage but also street dogs, cats, rabbits and pigs and even hens and roosters. Faced with such magical realism she was tempted to leave running the country, but the image of her beloved Pekinese dog now in her mother's house in New York, gave her the courage to face the immeasurable reality. She was compelled with the task to collect more abandoned dogs in the street, after she had finished working at the orphanage everyday. Naturally, she would have liked to pick up any animal found in the streets, but it was clear that this challenge was beyond her powers and possibilities, so as a good American she focused her efforts on canines.

After three months everyone knew her as the Mother Teresa of the dogs and for a few more months she managed to combine both aspects of her work pretty well until one day her mother called to say that her Pekingese dog was lost during a walk in Central Park.

She informed the orphanage that she had an emergency and needed to return immediately to her country. She found a Finnish colleague who also did volunteering work to be in charge of the kennel in her absence.

She flew to New York determined to find her Pekinese dog, and a week later she was the happiest woman in the world when she was informed that her dog had appeared at the home of a family who had found him wandering in their garden.

The first thing she did was to take her dog to a specialized store for canines, to place a GPS microchip in his ear to locate him through a satellite in case of lost again. Later she called the orphanage to inform them that she would not be returning to Medellin because she would want to spend more time with her Pekingese dog.

“And what happened to the dog kennel?” I asked her before she finished her story.

“The dogs of the kennel?” she repeated. “I guess they are out there, a little lost, not knowing what to do or where to go. A little like me”.

Manuel Giron, 2015 © ProLitteris, Switzerland

Broken Labyrinth is a small perfection.

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